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Velvet figures out what those new found legs are for ....

HIC for Bowie & Tim

 Canberra/Far South East
Velvet has her first shows and 2 x Reserve Challenges for Ziggy



  Velvet's not impressed with this show training stuff, Walker comes back  for a visit
&  Cooper, Karen & Barry's new baby has his first show

Herding with Tim, Bowie, Charlie & Gus
Finally managed to be in town to see Bowie in action, Gus was just dieing to help!


Velvet , Ziggy & Bowie pose for the camera ....



Hope you're all having fun on the Western Circuit ....
Charlotte & Ziggy revive the gumboot game whilst Connie & Velvet wisely stick to the whelping box

A single "Velvet Rose" at Bowning
After a couple of sleepless nights and a trip to the vet Velvet arrived on 31/7/08
For pix and updates go to Velvet's Page

Well done to Mark & BJ for taking out BIG & Inter in Show on Sunday
Inter of Breed for Mark & Ziggy Saturday & Sunday & BOB for Jacqui & Sonny Saturday
Special mention for Gail & Smudge on the HT




Bowie, Dragonsmir Celtic Way, is broadening his horizons
First obedience, then he thought he'd have a go at showing and in his spare time a bit of herding!

Bowie on the move ....

Photos compliments of Bowie's dad Tim



Connie:  Bitch Challenge & R/Up BOB Saturday & Reserve Challenge Sunday (handled by Jacqui)

Ziggy:  Reserve Challenge & R/up BOB Sunday (handled by Mark)
Ziggy:  Reserve Challenge Sunday (handled by Mark)



Easter @ Canberra
Ziggy, handled by Mark, BOB & Junior in Group, Monday (Centre)

Ziggy, handled by Mark , Cherrylea Collies, Reserve Dog, Saturday (Left)
Connie, handled by Erica, Blue Breeze Kennels, Reserve Bitch, Sunday (Right)
Not shown ... Connie, handled by Jacqui, Bitch Challenge, Monday
Camera driven by Tim, Bowie's dad, Saturday & Sunday

Bowie, Dragonsmir Celtic Way & Ziggy, Clanheath Cause A Riot

Just to confuse everyone, Mark's BJ, handled by Jacqui, BOB, Monday


Yass Ag Show
 Bitch Challenge & RuBOB for Connie


 BOB for Ziggy & Reserve Challenge for Connie
As Mark was busy Ziggy copped "Nanny" for Group!

At home on the Coast ....
While everyone else slogged it out at Canberra Royal Ziggy did a spot of herding in the dam!


Nice start to the year -  BOB for Connie & Challenge for Ziggy

Thanks to Jacqui & Mark for handling for me and Smudge's dad Phil for the pix!


At home on the Coast ....
All recovered from his pre Xmas mishaps Ziggy reinvents the Hydro Bath


You Rinse - You Spin - Rinse Again - Final Spin - Drip Dry



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