News Pix & Results 2009
News Pix & Results 2008

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season .....




Tara, Dragonsmir Celtic Design, gets into the Christmas spirit
Thanks to her dad Steve for the great photo!



Velvet with her Great Grandfather, Jake, who recently celebrated his 10th Birthday

Camera - yeah - over hear mum ......

Velvet & Ziggy strike a pose .....



Jake takes a break from herding next door's ride-on mower while Charlotte "helps" with the gardening .....


Connie relaxing in Canberra @ Nanny's with her daughter Nellie &
the rest of the Clanheath kids after strutting her stuff @ the ACT Ladies

 Thanks for the great shot Jean!



 Just had to share this one, left is Velvet @ about 6 weeks and right is Snoopy @ 10 weeks


Ziggy & Velvet do it in monochrome .....


Clanheath Perfect Gem UD AD JD
 Well done to "cousin" Gem who, with the help of her dad Wayne,
just picked up her final pass for UD!




Connie & Storm Babies
Connie and her babies are thriving at "Nanny's" in Canberra ......




At home on the Coast .....
Ziggy shows off some skills that he conveniently forgets he owns when he's anywhere near
a show ring and then gets in on the act on mum's bed the minute she's home from hospital



Postcard from Canberra ....
Bowie trades his herding gear for more Formal Attire to address all the ladies out there .....
Image compliments of Bowie's dad Tim

Northern Collie & Shetland Sheepdog Club
Ausbred of breed in both shows and RuBOB in PM show for Ziggy



Western Circuit - Tullamore/Trundle
The kids do to it tough camping @ Condo but Ziggy still managed to pick up 2 x Reserves :)



Eweturn Border Collies - Finn & Gemma Puppies

The "Highland Fling" babies are now 5 weeks old - here's a few shots taken of them yesterday 
Look out for Girl 1 (left) and Boy 3 (right) in the show ring over the next couple of months
The other two handsome young men will be working on a career in the obedience/agility rings



Harden Murrumburrah

Challenge for Ziggy & Reserve/RuBOB for Velvet on Saturday



Reserve & RuBOB for Velvet on Saturday & BOB for Ziggy on Sunday


ACT Combined Clubs

2 x Reserve & R/up BOB for Ziggy and 1st 9-12 Sweepies (Sat) & Reserve (Sun) for Velvet




Guardian Border Collies - Ziggy & Lucky Babies
Great to have another chance to see them - pix taken at 5 weeks

Look out for Knight (above left) and Cleo (above right) around a show ring near you in the near future!





Early morning duck watch

Connie, Velvet & Ziggy practice herding in/around the dam before we head back down the country ...




Lake Macquarie ABKC

I'm told conditions were a little kinder where I ended up!  Reserve Challenges for Ziggy & Velvet,
who both won their class in breed while Connie got to have some fun with her friend Shaylee


Introducing Dragonsmir Celtic Way PT

Well  done Tim & Bowie!!!



Yass & District Kennel Club
Thanks to Mark for taking over my kids after my knee malfunction on Saturday and everyone that
kindly offered to handle for me on Sunday especially Toni who handled her new best friend Connie all weekend
Shot of Ziggy compliments Tim Lumley




Queens Birthday Weekend - Canberra

Challenge & Reserve for Ziggy who also managed to land the front cover of Dogs NSW June Journal
and became a daddy for the first time!  Well done to Tim & Bee for Baby of Breed at her first show and to
 Mark & the Cherrylea Team who had some great wins.  Thanks also to Mark for helping out on Monday.
Shot of Velvet compliments Jean, Roughstock


Junee Weekend - Relaxing at home on the Coast

Everyone enjoys being home especially when there's been lots of rain and there's a dam to play in!


Cowra & District KC

BOB & RuBOB for Ziggy and a 16pt Bitch Challenge for Velvet!



Temora & District KC

Puppy in Group & 3rd 6-12 Sweepies for Velvet, RuBOB for Ziggy
and Baby in Group for Suzie at her second weekend of shows!

Mark & Penny take out Minor in Show!




Velvet does her bit for Motor Neuron week  posing with her first place sash from 6-12
Sweepies held in place with a MND Cornflower Pin.  The Cornflower is the MND symbol of hope.
Teddy & Suzie enjoyed success at their first weekend of shows with Teddy winning Baby in Group!

Motor Neuron disease kills one person every day in Australia and has no known cure
for more information go to






Portraits for Ziggy & Lucky, Ausbred of Breed for Ziggy & Leanne and Puppy of Breed for Velvet




Anzac Cluster - Canberra

Winter arrived with a vengeance in Canberra on the weekend but we still managed Reserve Challenges
& Ausbred of Breed for Ziggy, handled by Leanne who went on to her 21st Ausbred in Group with Blade,

Aust Ch Kaitler Dark Phoenix ET, and little Miss Velvet clocked up another Minor of Breed




Easter Holidays

BOB for Leanne & Blade at Sydney Royal and the first pass for PT for Tim & Bowie!
At least Charlotte, centre, stayed clean long enough for a photo session
and to wish everyone Happy Easter ....



Bay City

Reserve Challenge for Ziggy & Leanne and it was nice to see some friend do well ....
Dog Challenge for Gail & Wilson and Puppy in Group for Gossip, and congratulations & thanks
to Shaylee who got Bitch Challenge with Catch, then handled Blade for Leanne
and came back to handle Connie for me!



Yass Ag Show/ACT Combined

Phil & Smudge share and icecream @ Yass while Velvet stacks up in Sweepies @ Canberra
Shot of Velvet by Tim Lumley



Goulburn Ag Show

Mark & Leanne pose with Ziggy after he is awarded Dog Challenge & RuBOB

Can't thank them enough for their help in handling Ziggy to his title
Introducing Australian Champion Clanheath Cause A Riot!




Lakes District CC

Leanne clocks up two BOB's with Ziggy, Shaylee gets a Reserve with Connie while little miss Velvet,
now 7 months, places 2nd and 3rd in 6-12 Sweepies.  Once again huge thanks, especially to Leanne,
and also to Shaylee for helping out and handling Ziggy & Connie for me.



2nd Border Collie National - Confirmation & Herding

Velvet stacks/struts her stuff in Minor Bitch and Bowie poses with Tim after being
awarded the Herding Encouragement Award.  Huge thanks to Mark for giving up his Sunday and
doing such a great job with Ziggy and making the final cut in Intermediate Dog Class!

Thanks also to Tim for the shots of Velvet in the ring .....




Canberra Royal - NCKC Australian Breeds Show

We had a great day which was topped off by Dog Challenge/Inter of Breed for Ziggy &
Minor of Breed for Velvet at the Australian Breeds Show but we all missed Mark (& his legs)!
Stacked shots courtesy of Tim Lumley

Bowie, now a dad, concentrates on his herding while Minx looks after the pups .....

Photo courtesy of Tim Lumley


Hunter River Ag Show
Connie and her new best friend Ashley were rewarded with Reserve Challenge




At home on the coast
While Jake takes the job of "washing" the yoghurt containers very seriously

Velvet & Ziggy think that "bath time" means the dam - sorry kids I meant the Hydrobath!!!



Australia Day down on the farm
Above: Connie tags along with son Bowie and finds out that this herding thing is right up her alley
Below: Bowie picks up some tips from an expert (photo courtesy of Tim Lumley, Bowie's dad)

Dragonsmir is happy to sponsor the herding at the 2nd National





Bungendore Ag Show
Well let's just say we had a lot of laughs.  Velvet, above centre, won her class of three but did every thing
but stand on her head while outside the ring we decided to get some new headshots of Walker.  When
we couldn't get his attention we threw his first love, Connie, in the back of my car with him. 
All I can say is most of the pix  had to be censored but we did get his attention!





Thanks to Ashley, Shaylee & especially Leanne for their help with Ziggy.  Velvet, now 5 months,
held up her end proving that she's getting the hang of this show thing all we need now is some coat!


Wyong Shire CC/Gosford City CC/Leeton Griffith
A nice way to finish the year even if Ziggy was planning on spending what was left of it in the dam ...
Huge thanks to Ashley for "giving it a go" with Ziggy on Saturday - they were rewarded with a 16 pt Challenge!
Ziggy also managed Reserve Challenge & RuBOB on Sunday despite being handled by his lame mother .....
Velvet poses with Santa and Reserve Challange & R/up BOB for Ziggy & Mark on Saturday @ Leeton Griffith